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Ralf Brög, Zero RPM

Ralf Brög, Zero RPM – Collectors Edition

Original drawing on (vintage) vinyl
Double gatefold bound publication (24 pages)
Booklet with essay by Timotheus Vermeulen (dt/engl, 12 pages)
Catalogue of selected zero rpm record works & installation view (2 pages)
all housed in a custom-made metallic linen covered box


30 x 30 x 2,5 cm
Edition of 33 signed unique copies
600,- €

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Katie Schwab, Breakfast Plates for Hotel Ufer

Katie Schwab, Breakfast Plates for Hotel Ufer

Drawing on her interest in forms of communal living and working, Katie has created a collection of plates for the breakfast room at Hotel Ufer, Düsseldorf.

The hand-made, glazed stoneware plates are available in a limited edition of 30, each unique and measuring between 24-26cm

75,- € each

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Nadia Hebson, Moda WK

Nadia Hebson,  MODA WK: Work made in response to the paintings, drawings, correspondence, clothing and interior design of British artist Winifred Knights, 1899-1947, (an expanded legacy).


Winifred Knights, a little known British artist, was the first woman to hold a Rome Scholarship. Well regarded during her lifetime, her early death and diminutive body of work, have lead to her legacy being little considered. Nadia Hebson reconsiders the breadth of Knights’ oeuvre and explores the significance of Knights’ clothing, correspondence and interior design in relation to her paintings. The magazine brings together painting, text and objects made in comprehension of Knights’ work.

Magazine format artist publication, 124 pages, full colour. Published by with AND Public
Designed by Kaisa Lassinaro
Supported by Newcastle University
and The Derek Hill Foundation
ISBN 978-1-908452-48-1

25,- €

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markus karstiess & christian jendreiko, soft revolution

For SOFT REVOLUTION at Drop City, Düsseldorf artists Markus Karstieß and Christian Jendreiko use the principle of ‘tensegrity’, (conceived by Buckminster Fuller and based on the inventions of his student Kenneth Snelson), to develop an original string instrument, two metres in size.

During their performance, Karstieß and Jendreiko set this ‘force diagram in space’ this ‘helical happening’, this ‘frozen event, that is lifted directly from the vocabulary of an all-motion universe’ (Kenneth Snelson) alongside a set of real-time-actions, drawn thoughtfully from the same source and fixed in a graphic score based on original drawings by Buckminster Fuller for the Buddhist Goddess-Of-Mercy Temple in Penang and the Gliderfoil Pendulum Catamaran.

The performance could be seen as a process of a permanent, but ‘soft’ revolution, wherein the instrument becomes a tool for the performers and the performers become a tool for the instrument, and coalesced into an interacting and reciprocal centre, collectively demonstrating the innate facility of the universe for organising forces in space.

12″ Vinyl Record
Side A: Recording of Soft Revolution performance at Drop City, Newcastle
Side B: Recording of Soft Revolution performance at the site of ancient cup and ring stones at Lordenshaw, Northumberland
Co-produced with An Apparent Extent, Cologne

€15, –

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