Taking place between January – August 2016 within and throughout the Hotel «Drop City, Düsseldorf at Hotel Ufer» presents a collection of exhibitions, single works and events by artists from across Europe within a private/public setting.

From newly commissioned works, focused on everyday micro-narratives, to live events and exhibitions «Drop City, Düsseldorf» attempts to seek more dynamic interactions between artists, site and audiences, and rather than relegating the audience to the passive role of spectators, looks to foster the active and genuine involvement of participants.

Reflecting on the context of the setting within Hotel Ufer means examining the role of a gallery programme: a diverse body of work that includes film, video, sound, drawing, installation, painting, and sculpture, but also writing, performance, even functional objects, that are able to speak on a wide range of subjects to a wide range of people. In addition to this variety of languages and techniques, each of the programmes’ projects must also be analysed from a broader perspective to include the context and modes of production being employed, and starting, at least conceptually, from the many conversations and interactions with those people the works and artists within the programme encounter. It is on these forms of participatory synergy that the very existence of Drop City’s programme is founded.



2 July – 19 August 2016

Drop City, Düsseldorf
at Hotel Ufer


Preview, Saturday 2 July, 19.30hr

Francesco Pedraglio is an artist working with writing, performance, film and installation.

Pedraglio is interested in storytelling as a tool to decode intimate encounters with both mundane and historically complex situations. He looks at how the process of narrating and staging – oneself, or a situation – influences the relationship between teller and listener, making visible the fantasies and fictions that constitute our reality.

The starting point of Pedraglio’s work – being performance, sculpture, prints, films – is writing. A curious detail, an overheard rumour, a banal incident, anything could spark some telling. And it’s in the movement from written text to live action, from live action to staged situation that the exploration of language, fiction and reality-making occurs.

In A Sound Cooperation, the sound piece and window drawing presented for the dining area of the Hotel Ufer, a series of reflections around the idea of ‘display’ are transformed into an abstract dialogue between two characters. Through the description of generic scenarios, a man and a woman cary out a fragmented storyboard that makes use of the space, the view from the window and the street life as, respectively, the location, the storyline and the actors for a potential performance.

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