Taking place between January – August 2016 within and throughout the Hotel «Drop City, Düsseldorf at Hotel Ufer» presents a collection of exhibitions, single works and events by artists from across Europe within a private/public setting.

From newly commissioned works, focused on everyday micro-narratives, to live events and exhibitions «Drop City, Düsseldorf» attempts to seek more dynamic interactions between artists, site and audiences, and rather than relegating the audience to the passive role of spectators, looks to foster the active and genuine involvement of participants.

Reflecting on the context of the setting within Hotel Ufer means examining the role of a gallery programme: a diverse body of work that includes film, video, sound, drawing, installation, painting, and sculpture, but also writing, performance, even functional objects, that are able to speak on a wide range of subjects to a wide range of people. In addition to this variety of languages and techniques, each of the programmes’ projects must also be analysed from a broader perspective to include the context and modes of production being employed, and starting, at least conceptually, from the many conversations and interactions with those people the works and artists within the programme encounter. It is on these forms of participatory synergy that the very existence of Drop City’s programme is founded.



From 1 April 2016

Drop City, Düsseldorf
at Hotel Ufer



Drop City proudly presents a new permanent installation by Düsseldorf and London-based artist group hobbypopMUSEUM, formed in 1998 by Sophie von Hellermann, Christian Jendreiko, Matthias Lahme, Dietmar Lutz, André Niebur and Marie-Céline Schäfer.

hobbypopMUSEUM believe strongly that in artistic collaboration lies something other than compromise, something uniquely valuable. As a group they have created compelling and monumental site-specific installations, blending painting with music, performance and film, architecture and text. hobbypopMUSEUM are instilling Hotel Ufer with a careful balance of their trademark collective artmaking; provoking with a careful balance of sincerity and antagonism, romantic optimism and painterly faux-naivety.

Abandoning the socio-political agenda typically associated with collective artmaking, hobbypopMUSEUM stake their identity on the theatrics of fantasised scenarios and the strong narrative trail or journey through their exhibitions and happenings as a long-term ‘fight for ideas’.

Hotel Anderes Ufer: The Attic is a shared resting-place on hobbypopMUSEUM’s journey, following on from gatherings in the likes of London, San Francisco, Mumbai, Newcastle and Antwerp. They travel, meet up, disperse and reconvene for exhibitions all over the world, leaving a thread of narrative behind.

hobbypopMUSEUM’s hometown of Düsseldorf is coloured by significant marks in art history, from the academy where Beuys once preached his message of “art-as-life-as-myth” to the city that nurtured the masters of postwar German painting: Polke and Richter. A generation later hobbypopMUSEUM are permitted to “play” with this legacy of divergent narratives, making magnificent, elusive paintings that are simultaneously self-aware and self-abnegating.


Have you ever stayed inside an artwork? Drop City and hobbypopMUSEUM have transformed the attic of Hotel Ufer, in the centre of Düsseldorf,
into a three-bed hotel suite (Night Room, Day Room, Techno Room).

A night at the Hotel Anderes Ufer: The Attic is available in a limited edition of 20 nights.

Each reservation includes a uniquely constructed experience, object or artwork.

PRICE LIST 2016/17

€500 for entire suite, sleeping three.

This price is for one night and includes one unique artist edition to take home and breakfast.
Each subsequent night is charged at €80 per night incl. breakfast.

Please contact post@drop-city.net for further information and to make a reservation

A regular night, outside of this edition, is also able to be booked for your stay in Düsseldorf at very competitive rates, excluding the artist edition/experience, directly through Hotel Ufer or Booking.com.

The installation can also be visited freely by appointment.

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