In 2016 a programme of artist made objects, exhibitions, installations and performances took place throughout the private/public spaces of Hotel Ufer on Gartenstrasse. Invited by hotelier René Tilgier, the programme explored the key resource for hospitality: the sharing of space. The programme brought together artists from the city and abroad and experimented with key prevalent principles around exhibition making, duration, glocalism, and site-specificity. Exhibitions expanded out across multiple guest-rooms, communal areas, cities and national borders and included works focussing on the temporality of the hotel experience including handmade ceramic plates by Katie Schwab for the daily breakfast buffet, bathrobes by Sophie Macpherson and a newly renovated permanent 3-bedroom suite by hobbypopMUSEUM. «Drop City, Düsseldorf at Hotel Ufer» attempted to seek more dynamic interactions between artists, site and audiences, and rather than relegating the audience to the passive role of spectators, looked to foster the active and genuine involvement of participants.



1 April – 15 May 2016

Drop City, Düsseldorf
at Hotel Ufer

Sophie Macpherson writes and makes films, live events, objects and drawings. Her practice has always sat within a sculptural context but with performative connotations. Sometimes she works collaboratively with artists and performers, and often she draws on personal records to investigate subtle communications informing our notions of identity.

For Drop City, Düsseldorf at Hotel Ufer she shows a collection of tailored garments made from towels sold in a market near her studio. She lives and works in Berlin and Glasgow.

Recent projects and exhibitions include:
news and booze, with Clare Stephenson, a live event as part of ‘Generation- 25 Years of Contemporary Art in Scotland’, Tramway, Glasgow (2014); Costume – Written Clothing, Tramway, Glasgow (2013); The Irregular Correct – New Art from Glasgow at the Fremantle Art Centre, Fremantle (2012); Studio 58: Woman Artists in Glasgow Since WW2, The Mackintosh Gallery, Glasgow (2012); Shoplifters, Shopgirls/Ornament and Boredom with Clare Stephenson, Tramway (2011)/ICA London (2012);  Her Noise: Feminisms and the Sonic, Tate Modern, London (2011) and The Voice is a Language, part of Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art (2010)

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