Drop City is a collaborative gallery model, working between the cities of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK and Düsseldorf, Germany.

Drop City approaches its structure as a flexible, reflective model – functioning in parallel to the infinite organisational structures present in the arts. By continuously developing a model that capitalises on the varied experiences of its founders: an independent curator and three artists, Drop City explores the gaps and potential plasticity between several models of gallery structure and exhibition model with activities gathering around the three prevalent organisational forms of artist-run collective, curatorial initiative and commercial gallery.

With a focus on exploring exhibition making, contexts of site and new frameworks for curatorial thinking, our programmes revolve around our relationships with a core group of artists and their extended kinship. Drop City creates a responsive framework for the representation and support of these artists and of their singular, diverse and convergent practices.

Drop City moves freely between various physical and ideological models, with both the co-operative and the commercial allowing experimentation with new ways of representing and supporting artists’ work through a ‘context responsive’ approach to programming and hospitality. This includes to date a traditional gallery space, a participatory programme of new live and made works throughout the Hotel Ufer, Düsseldorf, and group projects at the invitation of both artist-run, commercial and institutional spaces.

Drop City is Paul Becker, Nadia Hebson, Sam Watson and Eleanor Wright. Please see the Artists page to find out more about the artists we regularly work and collaborate with.

Our activities support our artists and collaborators. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for enquiries regarding the artists and their work:

Drop City, Düsseldorf at Hotel Ufer

Taking place between January – August 2016 within and throughout the Hotel «Drop City, Düsseldorf at Hotel Ufer» presents a collection of exhibitions, single works and events by artists from across Europe within a private/public setting.

From newly commissioned works, focused on everyday micro-narratives, to live events and exhibitions «Drop City, Düsseldorf» attempts to seek more dynamic interactions between artists, site and audiences, and rather than relegating the audience to the passive role of spectators, looks to foster the active and genuine involvement of participants.

Reflecting on the context of the setting within Hotel Ufer means examining the role of a gallery programme: a diverse body of work that includes film, video, sound, drawing, installation, painting, and sculpture, but also writing, performance, even functional objects, that are able to speak on a wide range of subjects to a wide range of people. In addition to this variety of languages and techniques, each of the programmes’ projects must also be analysed from a broader perspective to include the context and modes of production being employed, and starting, at least conceptually, from the many conversations and interactions with those people the works and artists within the programme encounter. It is on these forms of participatory synergy that the very existence of Drop City’s programme is founded.



Drop City at Hotel Ufer was open by appointment only, as a way of fostering a more direct, more contemplative relationship between audience, exhibition and art object. Alternatively, the exhibitions and artist projects were able to be experienced fully through staying at the Hotel Ufer as a guest of the hotel itself.

The large-scale permanent installation«Hotel Anderes Ufer: The Attic» by artist group hobbypopMUSEUM remains in use as a three-bedroom suite for guests. Information on visiting or staying the night can be found here.

Unique edition plates hand-made in ceramic by artist Katie Schwab, and used by guests during breakfast throughout the duration of the programme, are also available to buy here.

Drop City, Newcastle

Between November 2014 – October 2015 Drop City, Newcastle presented 8 exhibitions in our gallery at 20 South Street. Since it is Drop City’s ambition to work with artists who are at various stages of their careers and whose practices have a particular reference to Drop City and its founders motivations, the gallery space allowed for an intense and complex relationship to develop between artists and audiences during our first year.

As our location at 20 South Street closed for re-development, we are excited to take this opportunity to explore more ways to work in the city, carrying on the format of a commercial gallery – representing and supporting our artists work on the art market – whilst opening up more diverse and dynamic potential for our activity and engagement with the city.


Founded by
Sam Watson, Curator
Nadia Hebson, Artist
Eleanor Wright, Artist
Paul Becker, Artist

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Graphic Design: Sam Watson

Concept: Sam Watson and Eleanor Wright
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Drop City has been supported in a special way by Hotel Ufer, Düsseldorf; Arts Council England; Newcastle Institute for Creative Arts Practice at Newcastle University; Centre for Visual Arts and Culture at Durham University; FRAME Visual Arts Finland; Ministerium für Familie, Kinder, Jugend, Kultur und Sport, Nordrhein-Westfalen; and Clouston Group.

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