10 June – 29 July 2017

at Arcade, London



Paul Becker, 'Fan', oil on canvas, 2017 and Francesco Pedraglio, 'Portrait of I (blue)', HD Video, 2017

Paul Becker, 'Fan', oil on canvas, 30x25cm, 2017

Choreography installation view

Eleanor Wright, 'Gradual Stiffening (Mentis)', 2017, custom made rope (natural dyed cotton), glazed ceramic, birch plywood, 56 x 50 x 24cm

Eleanor Wright, 'Gradual Stiffening (Mentis)' 2017, custom made rope (natural dyed cotton), glazed ceramic, birch plywood, 56 x 50 x 24cm

Nadia Hebson, 'The woman would say her role from memory, the man would read the text', digital print, acrylic gesso, board, 312 x 440cm, 2017

Nadia Hebson, 'The woman would say her role from memory, the man would read the text', detail, 2017


In June 2017 Drop City will be collaborating with Arcade Gallery in London on CHOREOGRAPHY, an exhibition with a series of accompanying events, organised and complied by Paul Becker.
The exhibition at Arcade takes as its starting point the work of the French writer/director Marguerite Duras and in particular, two of her films: India Song (1975) and Baxter, Vera Baxter (1977). In both films, as in many of the novels, a central figure, herself inert, acts as the epicentre. In one film, she lies in bed all day, never leaves her house while the rest of the characters constellate around her story. In the other film, she moves ‘alone, queen like’ through various ambassadorial parties and stilted, stylised and detached entanglements with a series of beautiful young men. Both films trace the choreography of these central lacunae who delineate and encrypt desire but are themselves disconnected from any emotional life. These ‘lovers without love’ act as the critical centre point in much of Duras’ work.

The exhibition will be further activated by a series of talks, readings, interventions and post facto discussion with Ghislaine Leung, Chris Fite-Wassilak, Sophie Macpherson, Sam Watson, Natasha Soobramanien and Paul Becker.


Paul Becker is an artist and writer and his work occupies a space between these two semi-independent lines of work: some form of literary fiction and painting. His most recent work Choreography/Coreografia – a short fiction set within RW Fassbinder’s 1976 film Chinese Roulette – is published by Juan de la Cosa, Mexico.

Chris Fite-Wassilak is a writer and critic, and a regular contributor to Art Monthly, Art Papers, Art Review and frieze. His short book of essays Ha-Ha Crystal is published by Copy Press.

Nadia Hebson studied at Central St. Martins and the Royal Academy Schools. Recent exhibitions and talks include We (Not I), Artists Space, NYC; Smarginature, Lydgalleriet, Bergen; So, Mauve, Vienna; MODA WK, Lokaal 01, Antwerp and Christina Ramberg, 42 Carlton Place, GI Festival, Glasgow. She recently co-convened the conference ‘Making Women’s Art Matter’ at the Paul Mellon Centre, London. Hebson is a lecturer at Newcastle University, UK.

Ghislaine Leung lives and works in London and Brussels. Recent solo projects include The Moves at Cell Project Space, London, 078746844 at WIELS, Brussels, Soft Open Shut at Studio Voltaire, London and group projects YOUR WORDS IN MY MOUTH | MY VOICE ON YOUR TONGUE at Künstlerhaus Stuttgart, Hollis & Money at ICA, London. Her collection of writings Partners is forthcoming in 2017. 

Sophie Macpherson lives and works in Berlin and Glasgow. She regularly collaborates with other artists, musicians and performers. A current activity is a weekly class exploring movement and language. Her video, A Series of Movements was shown at Drop City, Newcastle in 2015.

Francesco Pedraglio works with writing, performance, film and installation. Recent exhibitions include: P///AKT, Amsterdam (2017); CRAC Alsace (2017); Instituto Svizzero, Milan (2016); Kunsthalle Wien (2015). 99 Battle and 1 War (an extract) was published by Piano Nobile (CH) in 2016.  His novel A man in a room spray painting a fly was published by Book Works in 2014. Together with Tania Pérez Córdova, Pedraglio runs the publishing house Juan de la Cosa / John of the Thing.

Natasha Soobramanien is a writer. She is currently working on a novel-in-installments, Diego Garcia, with Luke Williams. Her first novel, Genie and Paul (Myriad Editions, 2012), is being translated into French by Nathacha Appanah for Gallimard/Continents Noirs.

Exhibition maker and designer Sam Watson lives in Düsseldorf. Working with a collaborative and intermedia approach, he is preoccupied with the possibilities of working together with artists, often over extended periods of time. His projects span subjects related to modes of production that lead to the creation and disintegration of culture and issues around artists’ autonomy and mobility. In 2009 he founded curatorial organisation CIRCA Projects and in 2014 co- created the experimental gallery platform Drop City. In 2017 he will produce The Studio for Arousing Tools at MHKA, Antwerp in parallel to a new programme of commissions at Drop City, Düsseldorf.

Eleanor Wright lives and works between Düsseldorf and Newcastle. Recent exhibitions include ARCOmadrid 2017, Catcher Pressure Pusher, commissioned by CIRCA Projects & Giles Bailey; So, Mauve, Vienna; Roßstraße 68 (learning from Ella Steigleman), Drop City, Düsseldorf and artist residencies at the British School of Archeology at Athens and Cove Park, Scotland. In 2017, Wright will show a new body of work at The Museum of Contemporary Art MHKA, Antwerp alongside the launch of the artists’ publication An Athens City Reader.

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